I am interested in the boundaries between the temptation and the poisoning. In my works I enact the estrangement between the natural and social environment as possible damage of our vision. While doing so I investigate the relation between power and helplessness.  

A part of my work is colour-intensive, dazzling luminous and partly poisonous appearing wall objects from silicon attracting or repelling proliferating structures. Superficial feelers, tentacles, excrescences, blisters, for example, leave in their exclusive, independent language of shapes the classical image format. They extend into the space thus blowing the image space and image shape.

Since 2005 space-filling installations are occurring alongside. In my serial line of the so-called “Waiting rooms“ I produce places of observed protection and endangered calmness. They are time zones of stoppage, even of autobiographic origin dedicated to different, generally accepted themes. The production “Waiting Room I” reflects, for example, last not least the performance and efficiency idea of our time. “Waiting Room V”, broaches out the piecewise disappearance of the human being from the daily life. To the extent required by my theme I combine it partly in addition with the materials found with technical components like kinetics, audio and video sequences.