Doppelpocke, 2006, Part of the project “Ballkünstler-Künstlerball” with Dirk Pleyer

  • latex, cardboard, worn-out football 
  • Two Out of a Hundred worn-out footballs are shown in a new way: The Kunstverein Gelsenkirchen swapped fair traded balls from the Fair Play: Fair Life campaign for used balls from football clubs and had them newly designed by 100 artists. During the world championships, the artworks were shown in several exhibitions in the sports venues of North Rhine-Westphalia:
  • Städt. Museum Gelsenkirchen, 29.1.-26-3. 2006,
  • Waschkaue der Kokerei Hansa, Dortmund, 2.4.-9.5.2006
  • Domforum, Köln, 11.5.-29.5.2006
  • Landtag NRW, Düsseldorf, 30.5.-8.6.2006
  • und an anderen Orten.
  • When the last exhibition was over, the balls were auctioned off. The proceeds went to a social project in South Africa.