waiting room 2

 Warteraum II (Waiting-room II), audio-installation, 2006

Soft Toys, 2005/2006, approx. 50 sculptures of various sizes,10 cm – 100 cm height resp. width 

Conversations, 2006, Audio-CD with sound bites of mothers and fathers talking about their children, 42 min, CD-player, headphones, seat


For the audio-installation Waiting Room II, I worked on 80 soft toys of many sizes with white paint till they stopped being part of a soft and cuddly world and now seem hard. The corresponding sound bites of mothers in conversation telling stories about theier children, which can be heard through the headphones, seem funny. It ist in the contrast to the dead and ghostly seeming “soft toys”. Showing the daily struggles to provide for one’s family, these sound bites raise the basic questions about the sense and nonsense of human striving and the troubles of reproduction. In this context I am especially interested in the backgrounds of women with their natural or socially conditioned expectations towards themselves: the ambiguity between giving birth, nurse, care for and sustain and the aspiration, the necessity or the wish for a professional career.  

Warteraum II, audio-installation, 2006, Museum am Ostwall, Dortmund