art within architecture

Lab Sweets, 2009, silicone, luminescent pigments on wood,  620 x 275 x approx. 50 cm, KVWL Dortmund The over six metre long and in parts nearly three metre high wall object made from silicone is installed in the upper part of the foyer. The industrial material silicone gains life: The piece reminds us of organic growth or microscopically enhanced cell division. An unknown, landscape-like microcosm or rough terrain on Mars as well as an endoscopy into the inner lungs seem to be other possibilities of interpretation. The organic ambiguity of the inner and outer form leaves plenty of space for fantasy and speculation. The piece’s attraction stems not least from the irritation, which is conveyed by the surface structure. Together with the brilliantly shining pigments it achieves a tremendous vitality. The observer’s view focuses on the wall object drawn in by its seize, its strange composition, the material and the phosphorescent colour, which is even visible from afar.

Interview with Melanie Körkemeier about the huge work from Barbara